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The best types of websites and their features

The best types of websites and their features

The best types of websites and their features

The best types of websites and their features

Internet sites are a group of linked and interconnected pages on the Internet, and these sites are different in terms of technology and in terms of reasons for use. An Internet site, for example, an online store, an introductory site, or a medical site...

In this article, we will explain what is the right website for your business and explain the reasons for choosing in terms of technology and content.

First: What are the types of websites in terms of content?

commercial sites
These sites are designed with the aim of selling products or services, they are also easy to browse and display, and these sites allow the feature of remote payment (electronic payment) such as electronic stores.

news sites
These sites aim to provide information on current events, whether local or global, whether related to politics, sports or health, present analytical articles and broadcast live interviews.

educational sites
The purpose of this type of website is to provide information about a specific educational institution, or a website for training courses, or universities that provide distance education service. In a classroom-like environment.

personal sites
The purpose of this type of site is to provide information about the individual, meaning that it acts as a resume or a form of self-marketing.

There are also many different types of websites, but we are content with the most important ones

Second: Types of websites in terms of the technologies used

1- Dynamic web sites

Dynamic sites are the most prominent because they are always evolving, and they are easy to update, unlike static sites.

Also, through it, you, as a website owner, can change any content within the site without returning to the designer of that site.

In addition, dynamic sites contain a large database of information and data, and you can interact with that information through your control panel.

2- Static sites

Static sites differ from dynamic sites in terms of their input and database information.

They are static and need a great potential for development, unlike dynamic websites.

It is characterized by its ease of design, but what hinders this kind of spread is that when you want to modify the content, you need a specialist in order for the modification to be done correctly.

There are basic differences between dynamic sites and static sites, which we will explain more extensively in the coming lines in terms of technology, features and uses of each of them.

The difference between dynamic and static websites

Static web pages are difficult to change because they require manually implementing the change at each point, on the other hand dynamic pages are different from them and allow the server to create a rolling every time the page is loaded with the same source code.
A static web page is easy to create, while dynamic web pages are more subtle in design.
A static web page includes technology like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etcetera in order to build it, in contrast dynamic web pages are created using CGI, the public portal destination, languages ​​like AJAX, ASP, PERL, PHP, and server-side scripting languages.
Static web pages display the same content every time when someone visits them, while page content in dynamic web pages changes according to the user.
Dynamic and static website features

dynamic websites

It is designed to be always sophisticated and update very easily, which makes it in advanced positions in search engines, and contains an unlimited number of pages, while allowing communication and interaction between site management and visitors, and is also characterized by diversity in fields without the use of auxiliary programs.

fixed locations

The most prominent feature of this type is the simple cost of dynamic sites, and their rapid development compared to others. The sites are designed using simple programming languages, which makes them less complex.

Any type that suits your particular activity

Choosing the type of website in terms of technology depends on the nature of the domain of the website, contrary to the popular belief among some that one type is better than the other.

For example, it is preferable to use fixed sites for news sites, educational sites, and entertainment sites such as movies, series, and others...

It is preferable to use dynamic websites for e-shopping sites, online stores and sites that sell products and services.

Many people prefer dynamic sites because they are practical and flexible in dealing with them, and they are completely secure compared to static sites.

If you want to manage your site yourself or create your website now, you can select the types of websites that suit you, and if you need a specialist, you just have to contact us.